TV Wrap-Up

ER–This season is getting a bit better. I’m likin’ the storylines focusing on Abby (interesting flawed character) and Lewis trying to run things. Less focus on Carter is always a good thing. Anytime they want to drop a helicopter on HIS head, I won’t shed a tear.

Gilmore Girls–Season 2 on DVD rocks. Season 5 on TV is very lame. Where’s the spark? Where’s the snap, crackle and pop?

NYPD Blue–It’s going out with a bang. I really like the new boss and how Andy is on his way to becoming one himself (spin off maybe??) I’ll be sorry to see this show end.

24–I’m catching up on last season (on DVD) and taping this season on DVR to pick up on once I’m done with the last. (The race is on! Four episodes down, twenty to go!) I will be seriously 24rd-out come springtime. Luckily, each episode is so jam-packed, it’s easy to rip through a disc in a night or two.

Lost–While it continues to be decent escapist TV, occasional episodes build up to a big let down. I’m beginning to see shades of Twin Peaks (“jerking the audience around is fun!”) in this one. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

Arrested Development–Hands down the funniest program on TV.

2 thoughts on “TV Wrap-Up

  1. “Lost” is jerking us around,\; especially with last nights REPEAT episode!
    ER has always been my favorite show, but I hate how they are steering Carter into this relationship with the social worker; he’s still smarting over his painful trials of last season–I say they need to give him some space for a while.
    As for Susan: they’ve never given her her due. Since she came back, they have sorta made her character a supporting player. (as if it is some kind of punishment for her leaving the show earlier)
    I liked her storyline with the male flight-nurse-baby-daddy scenerio, but I want to see him more. And as much as I lust after him, I’m kind of sick of Luka and the nurse (I forget her name) and her son.

  2. Yeah, I agree. The Luka/14-year-old girlfriend is really dulllllll.
    And I totally agree about Lost and the rerun issue. I’m all for gaining more viewers with a couple of catchup episodes, but they risk alienating the loyal viewers by showing a new episodes so inconsistently.

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