Snow Walkin’ Soundtrack: iPod Shuffle

The walk home this evening was to the tune of:

New Zandu, Los Lobos
Love this band. This song has a good bass drum and cowbell beat underneath it which makes it a good walkin’ song. And the wahwahwahwah guitars going over it all. Funny though, it took me doing this to notice the title of the song (and the refrain) is New Zandu. Whatever that is.

Requiem, Op. 48 Pt. 1, Gabriel Faure, Robert Shaw Choral
This is one of my favorite pieced of music. There was a period a few years back, when I first discovered it, when I listened to this entire choral piece every night before going to bed. I loved it that much and still do. There’s something about choral music that really gets my blood going. 30, 50, or 150 voices–as was the case last weekend when I had the good fortune to hear Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis performed by the CSO chorus–combined into one powerful force. Whether I’m listening on CD or live, choral music, when it hits those heights, gives me chills.

Untitled 7, Sigur Ros
Enya, Cocteau Twins, Philip Glass, I really like this unintelligible, atmospheric mood music. I have to get another Sigur Ros album, ’cause I’m wearin’ this one out.

12  Landler, Op. 171, Franz Schubert D790
Piano music. Good thinking music. Came up with a couple of book ideas on the way home.

California Dreamin’, The Mamas and the Papas
Is this not the perfect walking in the cold and snow song? And I’m sorry, but you can’t not sing-a-long to this one.

Please Forgive Me, David Gray
Upbeat, rhythmic, good quick beat. This one gets me walking fast too. At this point, I’m bookin’ along on the home stretch.

Angel Dance, Los Lobos
Some sort of iPod symmetry going on here, beginning and ending the journey with the same band. (That and the fact that the shuffle is kinda lame, and tends to “repeat” itself when it has hundreds of artists to choose from. But I digress…) Another good head-bobbin’, guitar strummin’, fast-walkin’, good to be alive kinda song. Walking so fast (down the middle of the road to avoid the icy patches) that my feet are barely touchin’ the ground.

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