The Worst Movies of 2004

I’m a tad late with this but…

Of the movies not made but seen by me in 2004. And no, they’re not the worst, I just didn’t like ’em:

  • Cold Mountain (2003) — One of the most unrewarding film experiences of the year.
  • Big Fish (2003) — Big flop.
  • The Death of Klinghoffer (2003) — In hell this movie is playing on an endless loop.
  • The Pirate (1948) — Watching this film makes me as uncomfortable as the performances given by Judy Garland and Gene Kelly.
  • Monster (2003) — Thoroughly unsatisfying and completely over-rated. Give the beautiful woman playing an ugly woman an Oscar! Such talent. Puh!
  • Fog of War (2003) — One of the biggest disappointments of the year.
  • What, No Beer? (1933) — An inebriated Buster Keaton teamed up with loud-mouthed, obnoxious Jimmy Durante. Sad doesn’t begin to describe it.

Comments? Throw in your two cents here.

3 thoughts on “The Worst Movies of 2004

  1. I found FOW fascinating. Despite the fact the movie consisted primarily of McNamara sitting in a chair, I was riveted. I was impressed with McNamara’s intelligence and his lucidity, given his age. We all should be so lucky. More importantly, here’s a leader who actually did some soul searching and admitted he would have done things differently–unlike our current president, who was reduced to stammering incoherence when a reporter asked him if he would have done anything different after 9/11. Yes, McNamara passes the buck on one occasion, and the filmaker lets him off the hook on another. But, many of McNamara’s lessons are directly applicable (and highly critical) of the current administration’s Iraq war–without McNamara directly saying so. “Know your enemy”? Have any of our leaders on either side of the political fence given a moment’s thought about the other side, its culture, history, religion? Clearly not.
    Tens of thousands dead on both sides of the Viet Nam conflict, and now U.S. companies are exporting jobs to the communist regime JFK, LBJ & RMN and feared would take over the world. And China gets MFN status. Sigh.
    Phillip Glass’ creepy score created a mood that kept my interest, too.
    I thought FOW was much better than the much bally-hooed “Control Room,” the “documentary” about Al Jazeera (sp?). Shameless propaganda, utter hypocrisy, and a complete lack of depth.

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