My Conehead


Not to be outdone by Mike’s cat Psycho, Maisy is sporting her own funnel collar. It’s what all the hep cats are wearing these days.


She’s learning to navigate with the collar on better now–it’s been on since Tuesday. (I won’t go into the gory details as to why, but hopefully it will only be on a week.) This version of the collar is clear, which makes it easier for her to see through it. However, it makes it a bit more baffling to her since she seems to have this strange force field around her head that bounces her off of things.

I have noticed her doing this a lot:


She’ll face some inanimate object (a stereo speaker, bookcase, the wall) and just stare at it. I haven’t a clue what’s going on there.

Scooter’s being a pal, and hanging out with Maisy for the most part, keeping her company in the same way he does with me when I’m not feeling so hot. But India is totally freaked out, fragile little spaz cat that she is. You’d think she was the one who’d been traumatized by a trip to the vet and a lousy collar jammed on her head the way she hid in the closet the first day Maisy was home. She’s keeping a wide distance between herself and the conehead.

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