Conehead Round Two


The CatVac 2005!

Remember that episode of Gilligan’s Island where Gilligan was able to receive radio signals through his head? (Something to do with a filling in his mouth, if I recall.) The way that Maisy will stand perfectly still, pointed in strange directions, I’d swear that she’s listening to strange signals from around the globe.

And why wear just one cone, when two would be twice as nice? As you can see here, Maisy’s craftiness earned her a second cone. The night before her last vet visit, she’d learned how to contort herself in such a way as to get around the cone. And just like real life, as a reward for perseverance and ingenuity, the powers that be (me and the vet) have made her life a more challenging misery. At least until Friday.


3 thoughts on “Conehead Round Two

  1. Our precious little boy, West just had to have surgery on his knee. So he’s shaved, stitched up, and currently sporting a rather fetching opiate patch. He doesn’t bother it, though, so we haven’t had to resort to the dreaded cone.
    Your Maisy is a cute one!

  2. She’s being a little trooper all things considered. We’re crossing our fingers that the cone can come off on Friday, but I’m not real optimistic. At this rate, the next cone will have to be so big it’ll need wheels on it to allow her to get around.

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