Comedy? Drama? Joke?

I laughed real hard when I read about this…

Sofia Coppola’s next movie is Marie Antoinette starring (gulp) Kirsten Dunst as the big-haired, cake eating monarch. Molly Shannon has just signed on to play her aunt, and it co-stars Rip Torn and Jason Schwartzman…as Louis XVI!?!?!?!

Wuh? I would’ve sworn this is a comedy, but alas, it’s based on the biography by Antonia Fraser. I’m a big fan of Sofia’s previous two films, but seeing will be believing on this one.

One thought on “Comedy? Drama? Joke?

  1. Yikes. Hadn’t heard about this one. I will definitely not be awaiting it with bated breath. Although, you’re right, with that cast it might make a great satire.

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