Comparison Shopping

Long story short:
My lazy ass will still have to venture out, to three different stores no less, to accomplish the basic task of weekly shopping. Grrrrrr.

What am I talking about?
There is nothing I hate more than having to go to multiple stores to accomplish regular household shopping. There’s the grocery store (for food), Target (for basics like paper towels, deodorant, and cat litter–cheaper than at the grocery) and, because its winter and I live in the Midwest, I’ll break down and spend outrageous sums for fresh produce and organic items at Whole Foods. (I justify it this way: whatever it takes to get me to eat fresh fruits and veggies is worth it.)

I absolutely hate having to go to three different stores to get all the basics. None of these options carries everything I need, so it’s not even just the price issue (though that factors into it.) Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about Peapod, and I thought how perfect it would be to not only get everything that I need from one place, but to do it from the ease of my computer keyboard. A big time saver for sure, and I hear that produce is far superior to regular grocery stores without the Whole Foods prices.

I so so so so wanted this to be an option, since I’m lazy and don’t like to spend my day running from store to store to store. Even a tiny price increase would have been worth the savings in time and gas (not exactly a non-issue right now with prices the way they are.)

But alas, it’s not to be. A quick price comparison revealed the following: Peapod and Dominicks (where I used to do all my grocery shopping) are pretty even-steven. But this last year, a new grocery store competitor has come to town called Food 4 Less. It’s kind of a cross between Target and a warehouse store (Sam’s Club/Cost Co.) And it really is. Food 4 Less, that is. Quite a bit cheaper than Dominicks/Jewel/Peapod. It’s enough of a difference, that I can’t justify Peapod as a time saver.

Produce seemed to be the only clear advantage that Peapod had over all competitors, beating Dominicks (price and freshness), Food 4 Less (there’s a reason why it’s not called Fresh 4 Less) and Target (only fruit to be found there is in the flavored candy and beverages.)

So, while I might be tempted to use Peapod for produce (until Farmer’s Market begins again in May) I’m a bit leery to start down that slippery slope, knowing how easy it will be to just add a few items here and there.

So, I’m back where I started. Damn, it sucks to have so many options.

2 thoughts on “Comparison Shopping

  1. Living 8 miles from a mediocre Krogers and 20 miles from Target (Walmart gets NONE of my $$), I keep a running list for the month of essentials–do that on a weekday once a month. Then only have to make one quick stop a week for produce and dairy products. You have too many choices! When the farmers market open–SUPER down here and open 5 days, I live on fresh foods. At the cost of gas, you learn to live without in between trips. Have Karen or Joan C. teach you to can!

  2. I can really relate to this post. If it is any consolation – it is worse across the pond! It was one of my biggest frustrations when I first moved to the UK and at times still is! It takes me several trips just to get the things I need that I used to be able to find in one or two shops in the States and this usually means running into the town centre which is completely mad on the weekends, lack of parking spaces means you pay a fortune to park and you probably have to walk all over the city centre to get what you need. Let’s just say I am getting my exercise! 🙂

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