Lifetime Network Dooms Book to Sappy Chick Flick Status?

I don’t know what’s more discouraging about the news that they’re adapting The Dive From Clausen’s Pier (a book which I really loved) into a movie: a) the fact that it will star Michelle Trachtenberg (currently in Disney’s Ice Princess) who seems waaay too young for the part, or b) that it’s being produced for the Lifetime cable network.

I vote for B. Have you ever seen a movie on Lifetime?? Treacly, melodramatic, weepy, over-wrought productions. Unwed mothers, domestic violence, and adulterous murderers are usually the order of the day. Television for women my ass. The entire movie has been typecast by virtue of its release on Lifetime. Too bad.


2 thoughts on “Lifetime Network Dooms Book to Sappy Chick Flick Status?

  1. Yes, I totally forgot to mention the entire disease-of-the-week genre. And of course, it’s best if you can combine two or more of the genres at once.

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