Life Imitates Art

So last night while my sister and I were watching California Suite, there was this a scene with Maggie Smith, as a British actress, and Michael Caine as her antique dealer husband in the hotel bar. She’s nervously guzzling down gin and tonics to ease her pre-Oscar ceremony jitters.

The bartender places a huge platter of tortilla chips with a bowl of what looks like Green Goddess dressing in the middle. (1970s version of guacamole, light on the avocados and heavy on the sour cream I’m guessing.)

My sister said, “Uh, what is that green sludge he’s eating?”

And literally, one second later, Maggie Smith’s character said to Michael Caine, “What is that green slime you’re eating? It looks like a dish out of Oliver Twist.”

New Yorker Neil Simon’s script is full of jabs at California. Caine’s response: “I’m not sure. I think they run the front lawn through the blender.”

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