Birthday Wishes From the Governor of IL

Play Ball!

Yesterday I was treated to a terrific birthday surprise–fifth row seats behind home plate at the Cubs’ game! Karen tricked me into thinking we were just out for a photographing exploration of a Chicago neighborhood (even sneakier because the idea was mine) when we just happened to pass by Wrigley Field an hour before game time. And then, who should appear but Jen and Anne, with a handful of tickets!

The weather was sunny, warm and beautiful, and our seats were amazing. In fact, we had better seats than Governor Blagojevich, who was sitting five rows behind us. Governor BlagojevichThe Cubbies gave me birthday gift of a win over Milwaukee, and I was treated to another surprise when we were all filing out, and as the governor was glad-handing everyone passing by, he shook my hand and wished me a happy birthday!

Kudos to Anne, Karen and Jen for pulling off a fantastic, fun and memorable birthday surprise. I had a great time!

You can see more photos from the day in my photo gallery.


9 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes From the Governor of IL

  1. Anne told us all about this great birthday surprise last night. So, this morning I knew you would have pictures up. Boy, it really is different sitting up close! And better seats than the govenor to boot!

  2. Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Birthday to you.
    Happpy Biiiirthday, dear Kathrynnnnn.
    Happy Birthday to you.

  3. What a great treat! You sure get the best birthdays–maybe not New Orleans this year, but fun just the same.
    Happy Birthday! Have a super year and a personal winning season along with the Cubbies.

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