The Three Faces of Gilmore Girls

Any Gilmore Girls fans out there? Can you explain to me what the heck is going on with this program? (Jen, stop reading this right now!) This week’s episode was so colossally lame on so many different levels. What a disappointment. Just when it seems that things are getting interesting, the writers get all schizophrenic on us, and give the characters personality changes in service of lame storylines.

Last week, Emily was the royal she-bitch ice queen; couldn’t give her daughter the time of day, let alone the right cocktail. This week, everything is fine-and-dandy, like nothing ever happened. And after all that build up about the magazine cover story (in which Lorelei compares her mother to Stalin), especially on the heels of last week’s mother-daughter friction fest, to have Emily just be all, “yeah, whatever” seemed especially anti-climactic.

And then there’s Rory’s dumbass personality change since she’s been dating blondie boy and working at the big city (Hartford!) newsrag. I find it hard to believe that Rory would just sit there while Emily practically fired the maid for stealing the sewing box that her boyfriend swiped as a lame prank. I guess she figured her grandmother was going to fire the maid eventually, (one of the show’s running gags) so why mix it up.

Rory’s dizzy, goofy behavior as a newbie intern at the paper, while annoying, seemed a bit believable given her character. But for her to just sit there and take Huntzberger’s lame “you’ll never make it as a serious journalist kid” seemed contrived. Hasn’t Rory learned anything from her mother about standing up for herself? Beside the point that I don’t believe delivering copies and getting coffee are really good indicators of whether or not you can sniff out a story or communicate in the written word.

And then to top all of that off, she goes and steals a yacht, ’cause she’s having a bad day! Oh horrors. I guess Rory’s got a little more of her mom in her that we thought–just not the good part. Is this some sort of wealthy East Coast version of the movie Thirteen?

And then there was the laaaaaame pregnancy scare and the even lamer, and kinda creepy, ambush vasectomy for Jackson. And I won’t even go into the lamely contrived wrench they threw into Luke’s plan to buy the old mansion. Common, Kirk? A quarter of a million dollars, saved up from working 15,000 jobs an average of one day a piece? I think not. Lame again I say. Lame lame. And when did he turn into such an ass. And really, in the future–please, keep his shirt on.

What a comedown from last week’s episode, where it seemed that things were at a turning point for Lorelei. But no, just more arrogant rich boy behavior, arrogant rich father behavior, arrogant rich mother behavior, routine storylines, and a baby. One Moby Dick reference does not a clever episode make. Lame. La-may!

7 thoughts on “The Three Faces of Gilmore Girls

  1. I didn’t see it because this hotel chooses not to have WB as one of its selections. It has friggin” WGN, but no WB. I even tried unplugging the cable, but without luck.
    So it would seem that I did not miss much after all. I’ve been irritated with the Gilmore Girls for such a looonnnnnggg time now! Yes, Rory’s character has gotten so lame amd I can not abide Logan!!!
    I have been waiting with baited breathe for ‘naked guy’ to come to her rescue. I think the writers may have forgotten about him.
    I’ve come to prefer “Veronica Mars” instead. The dynamic between her and her father is far more interesting and mature than Rory and Lorelai.

  2. I feel the need to defend my Girls. But I can’t. What kind of a lame-ass episode was that?! And such a contrived set-up for next week’s season finale.
    Emily was turning into a caricature this season, but at least she was consistent. She wasn’t even that in this episode. Rory hasn’t been sensible lately, but then again, your first college love does tend to mess with your head. Still – did they have to make her ditzy and annoying? Did they forget she was with Sherry during her labor? She wasn’t freaked out by the baby then.
    And who’s up for a surprise vasectomy? Creepy.
    Speaking of creepy, the less said about Topless Kirk, the better.
    I’ve been hearing murmurs that the finale will make up for it all. Hope so.
    – Just sign me “Disgruntled”

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