Re: Read What You Own

I was going through some old posts, and I came across this one from earlier this year, where I noted my intention to read more of the books that I already own, and then I listed eight books I’d targeted to read this year in particular.  To date, I’ve read exactly…none of them.

To be fair, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince doesn’t come out until July.  And The Forsyte Saga has moved downstairs to the “Immediately to be read pile” (though it’s been sitting there for a month now.) I’m on vacation next week, and while I usually try to read something set in or about the place I’m visiting, I’m going “home” to San Diego, so I can break the rule. Instead, I’ll be re-reading Dickens’ Bleak House–which I already own, thank you very much.

3 thoughts on “Re: Read What You Own

  1. OOOooooo! San Diego!!! Can I come with? 🙂
    I know what you mean about reading what you own. I have a monster collection of books that I have bought and have yet to read. And I told myself last week that I must have a copy of Jane Eyre to read by the end of summer (as one of those books you think you have read but you really haven’t but you know the story anyway from the films you’ve seen)
    Plus, I just got it into my (thick) head this morning to read all 21 of the Patrick O’Brien “Master and Commander” series. Yeah, good luck, I hear you say.

  2. Jane Eyre is one of my favorites and one of the few books that I’ve read more than once–a real rarity for me.
    I had the same impulse with the Patrick O’Brien novels, but I could not get through the first one. There was just waaaay too much period detail for me, and I’m a history nut who spent a few summers sailing, so I should have loved it. Let me know if you fare any better.
    So, I switched tacks–I’m going to read my way through the Richard Sharpe series (by Bernard Cornwell.)

  3. I collected lots of lit books that I should have read in high school and college. Every once in a while, I read them now for the first time. Moll Flanders was a hoot!

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