Reason No. 1023 Why I Love This Town

Next time you come to Chicago, I’m so taking you to Millennium Park is my new favorite place in the city.

Officially, it might be called “Cloud Gate” but we all call it “The Bean,” and it’s the coolest way to reflect on the city. I predict it will fast become the most photographed thing in Chicago, surpassing the Sears Tower and Wrigley Field.

The Crown Fountain, otherwise known as the Spitting Statues, must be seen to be believed. A mere description of the fountain as two facing 50-foot glass block towers that light up, project images of faces, and spit water every ten minutes doesn’t do it justice. You’ll think “Whaaat? Who’s disgusting idea of public art was that?” But no, it’s clever, interactive (kids love the wading pool and the water falling off the towers) and great for people watching. Wait for it…wait for it…and when the spitting begins, the crowd lights up. Great fun, and proof that Chicago has a sense of humor.

Each summer, Millennium Park will host a different outdoor art exhibit. I’m really looking forward to this summer’s exhibit: Revealing Chicago: An Aerial Portrait by Terry Evans.

And the only thing wrong with the winding bridge designed by Frank Gehry (who also designed the ribbon-like band shell) is the fact that it’s named after a petroleum company. Other than that, it’s a way-cool walking experience, and affords one of the most striking views of Chicago.

(Inspired by Ellen’s pending visit to Chicago.)


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