Reality TV Falcon Style

The Falcon Cam continues to entertain.

Lots going on in the falcon nesting box. The falconettes are a fantastic mixture of white fluff and the hint of real feathers. In the week that I was gone, they seemed to have doubled in size.

They’re incredibly active much of the time, bumbling around and getting their distinctive faces right up in the camera. I keep tuning in throughout the day and I’m constantly entertained.


3 thoughts on “Reality TV Falcon Style

  1. I have to agree that this years fledgings are the most entertaining bunch ever. I check in all the time through out the day to see what’s going on. When they get older and leave the nest my work day will so much more boring!

  2. The falconettes have certainly discovered the ledge today. They can’t get enough of the view. I wouldn’t have thought they had enough feathers vs. fluff to allow them to fly quiet yet though, but they’re disappearing somewhere off camera.

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