Thanks TypePad

Any other TypePadders notice the holiday gift they gave us this weekend? Tons more disk space!!

Last week I checked my TypePad account stats after not having done so in quite a while and was shocked to see I was close to using up 50% of my allotted disk space.  In the past year I’ve been toning down on the number of images uploaded to my site for that reason, because I figured at the rate I was whipping through photo albums, I’d max out in a year or so. Then on Saturday I saw the number had gone down to 7%…because TypePad has bequeathed me five times more disk space!

Woo-hoo!! Thanks TP–you rock once again! And while access to their site has been a tad slow with their major upgrade still going on, what I’ve seen so far I like–some great new tools, aesthetic tweaks, and more space!


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