The Falcon’s Have Flown!

Popped into the library on Saturday to see the falcons up close and personal through the third floor window. One of the chicks was squeaking up a storm, having “flown” down from the pillar cap where the nest is. One of the adults (mom? dad?) was perched high up under the rafters, keeping a watchful eye as the chick flapped its wings, preparing for flight.

The library website has an update on the three chicks. So far one is off and flying with the other two on stand by.

One thought on “The Falcon’s Have Flown!

  1. I’ve been up to the third floor to see the falcons and it is really exciting, even though they weren’t flying then. You can get a very good look at them and the parents. I’ll have to drop by soon before they are gone for the year!

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