What NOT To Wear When You Meet The Leader of the Free World

I’ve pretty much always hated flip-flops. Since I was a kid, I’ve hate the way they look, the way they feel (hence, I never wear them), but mostly I hate the way they sound. Hate is not a strong enough word. I think loath covers it better. It’s like someone loudly snapping their gum in rapid-fire succession right in my ear. (Which reminds me, I have a story about that too. Later.)

I’m not sure why the slap-slap-slap sound makes my skin crawl. I think most teenage girls think the louder the better. Add to that the unattractive way people walk when they’re wearing them. Have you ever watched someone walking in flip-flops? It’s sloppy all over.

I’ve felt recently that there’s been a flip-flop explosion. They’re everywhere–even in the White House. Chicagoist reports that the NU lacrosse team slap-slap-slapped their way into the White House for a photo op with Dubbya. I know this is a guy who wears cowboy boots for official photo sessions, but I mean, common! He is the President. Flip flops? Sheeze.


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