Review: In Good Company (2004)

After I saw this film, I thought to myself, it’s great to have Dennis Quaid back again. Then I saw the trailer for his next movie, a remake of Yours, Mine & Ours, and I thought, “Wow, shortest comeback ever.”

No matter. In Good Co is well-worth a pleasant evening’s entertainment. Topher Grace, is definitely one to watch. I liked the story about a middle-aged advertising exec who suddenly finds himself demoted out of the corner office and suffering under a new boss who’s young enough to, well, date his college-age daughter.

Taken in the spirit of a ’30-era romantic comedy, the film works best if not taken too seriously. My only complaint comes with the ending, which wraps up a bit too neatly and not nearly in as interesting a way as the first (and stronger) half of the film leads you to believe it might. [****]

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