Martini, Shake-Shake-Shaken, Not Stirred

This has been the summer of the martini.

When we’re not sipping on G&T’s on the most sweltering of days, we’ve been perfecting the martini recipe. Anne, our bartender of choice, learned an essential element when making a martini: shake it a helluva lot. In consulting with Madeleine, (the master of the martini, having learned how in one of Chicago’s high-end restaurants) she gave us this great piece of advice: “Shake it longer than you think you should.”

First, you let the gin and vermouth sit in the shaker full of ice for a minute, then you shake for two more, and when that combination of frothy liqueurs comes pouring out of the shaker and into the chilled glass, it’s like a mini-100-proof slushy. In a few seconds, the ice rises to form a thin layer of ice over the top, and voila, you have the chillest, crispest martini in town. Stays cold for a while too, which allows you to sip the drink as opposed to slamming it down (and thereby getting way too loopy on a school night.) Believe me, there is nothing worse than a warm martini.

There’s a post today on Chicagoist all about the great martini and gin. (Note to martini cohorts: Perhaps it’s time we do a taste test between our fave Bombay Sapphire and Plymouth Gin?) And they explain what bruising the gin is (and how we’re violating that rule.) But no stirring for me–I’m with James Bond on this one.


2 thoughts on “Martini, Shake-Shake-Shaken, Not Stirred

  1. Yes, it’s time for a taste test. And it’s time for a martini. Why don’t I live in a “Thin Man” movie so I could make up a pitcher mid-aftenoon and be thought of as urbane and witty, and not as a lush?

  2. Way back when, in my college days, when I had no business staying up late and drinking in bars with men I barely knew, I tried a Martini and instantly took a dislike to it. What 20ish type girl, used to drinking wine coolers and malt liquor could like something so dry. Well, I have since grown up and my palette has changed and I have developed a taste for all things dry and tingly. Anne’s creation seems delightful!!!

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