When All You Can Do Is Pray

In just a few hours, Hurricane Katrina will strike New Orleans, a city that I’ve visited many times and come to love. The worst-case scenarios that forecasters and experts are painting, should the hurricane follow the path they predict, is frightening and unimaginable to say the least. This bulletin from the National Weather Service paints a particularly grim picture.

I have many great memories from my trips to New Orleans and the gulf coast of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. There are portions of New Orleans, and particularly the French Quarter, that I know very well. To think that by this time tomorrow, that city could be forever changed, utterly destroyed and over a million people homeless for months, just staggers the imagination.


2 thoughts on “When All You Can Do Is Pray

  1. We all knew it was coming, but it doesn’t make it any easier. It’s hard to believe that the house I grew up in may not be there tomorrow or at least underwater. Places like the Camillia Grill, Central Grocery, Tujaques may be gone. I have friends there that I am assuming are smart enough to get out. My sister and her family are riding out the storm in Jackson, MS where they expect Katrina to still be a Category 2 hurricane. aagh.

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