Review: Team America (2004)

Lived up to the disappointing reviews.

Last week, desperate for a little escapism and with a Comcast OnDemand coupon for a free movie set to expire, I watched Team America: World Police. All I can say is, it wasn’t “free” enough.

A good opportunity lost.

Making a marionette action film, a la Thunderbirds, as a parody of big-budget Hollywood action films was a great idea, but the Team America story and sense of humor just wasn’t enough to support a feature-length film. South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone get points for execution (the movie looks great) and a few of the bits were laugh-out-loud funny, such as the hand-to-hand combat in the opening scene, where the martial arts style fight between two characters consists of twitching puppets set to a pounding action film soundtrack.

But as the film progressed, the laughs got fewer and farther between. The gross-out humor (especially on the unrated version) was pointlessly disgusting and detracted from the rest of the film. A subplot lampooning crusading Hollywood liberals (Tim Robbins and Michael Moore among others) felt like an idea for another movie tacked on to the plot of Team America. [**]

2 thoughts on “Review: Team America (2004)

  1. I think you have to have been a 12 year old boy once to really enjoy this film. Having said that, it still could have been funnier.

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