Ack, I Cannot Get Ahead

After diligently catching up on (most) of my intended blogging last week, I’ve lapsed and fallen way behind again. October rolled around and suddenly I was swamped with stuff. You know, life with a capital L.

Really, where did September go????

Here’s what’s been up lately, all of which I hope to blog about real soon. I promise.

  1. Food: Hot Doug’s (great hot dog joint), terrific new fish recipes (part of the Great Cholesterol Lowering of Fall 2005), and Beinlich’s (for beer and burgers–not part of the Great Cholesterol Lowering of Fall 2005.)
  2. An afternoon at the Chicago Botanic Garden, for birding and to check out the major overhaul they’ve just completed after years of dredging and re-landscaping. Migrating birds, restored prairie, and fall color! There’s nothing better.
  3. Movies to review: Winter Soldier and Separate Lies. (To be seen: History of Violence, Corpse Bride, Wallace & Gromit, Domino, Good Night, and Good Luck, and North Country.)
  4. Book reviews: The Haunting of Hill House, His Excellency, Bleak House, and an ancient review of Collapse.
  5. TV: Remember when Gilmore Girls, ER and Lost were really good?
  6. Opera season starts this Saturday with Rossini’s Cinderella.
  7. Book club meets this Sunday at my place to discuss The Haunting of Hill House, followed by a screening of The Haunting (1963 film based on the book.)
  8. Tonight I’ll be supporting the New Orleans recovery effort the best way I know how, by eating. A group of us are attending a benefit all-you-can-eat fest at McCormick Place, where 90 area chefs will whip up their specialties, all to benefit Second Harvest and the New Orleans Hospitality Workers Disaster Relief Fund. Lord knows, when I go down to New Orleans, I’m very supportive of the NOLA restaurant industry!
  9. Photo albums I’ve yet to unveil include an outing this summer to Northerly Island (formerly Miegs Field) and a walk down memory lane from past trips to New Orleans.

One thought on “Ack, I Cannot Get Ahead

  1. Whew! So that’s why I hqaven’t had any new bklog reads–was about to come up and check up on you.
    That New Orleans eat-a-thon sounds yummy.

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