Gilmore Girls Pop Reference #4,027

Catching up on The Gilmore Girls on DVD, I’ve reached the midpoint of season three. I love-loved it when the episode entitled “A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving” began with the Girls watching the most-excellent documentary Grey Gardens.

Kudos to the writers! The entire opening scene had the jabbering, articulate (fictional) TV mother and daughter watching the jabbering articulate (real life) mother and daughter on TV. Nicely done. It’s cultural references like this one that bring an additional level of enjoyment to an otherwise fine show. (You can read my review of the Little Edie-Big Edie movie here.)

On a side note, watching these older episodes makes me nostalgic for the zing-pow of Gilmore Girls the early years. Anyone else think GG has lost some of its magic? The witty dialog flashes from time to time, but the story lines are often weak and downright silly.

4 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls Pop Reference #4,027

  1. Yes, I agree, the quirkness of the show is almost entirely gone. Even Michel looked bored tonight–I got the impression all during tonight’s episode that he would much rather sit on the couch in all of his scenes.
    I can tell you the exact moment GG lost it’s charm for me – when they did that STUPID episode where Rory couldn’t get financial aid because of the monetary gift to Lorelai from Richard and Emily. The writers really screwed up that one. I am unforgiving (UNFORGIVING!!) when things are not properly researched and totally inaccurate.
    And this extended R/L fight is getting on my last nerve. It was cute for a few weeks, but now it’s just plain dumb. And Emily sending all those boxes to Lorelai. Hello? What for?!?!?
    Of course, none of this prevents me from watching week after week. I guesss I like being punished.
    Oo, Oo! Have you seen “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” (w/ Alexis Bledel)? I cried throughtout that movie. It was so charming that I am almost (almost) tempted to read the books.

  2. Last night’s episode did nothing to redeem the show in my eyes. A continual slide downhill. The bit with the street names–lame. Who didn’t see that coming from a mile away when everyone blindly voted for something the town idiot had proposed. I’d written all the dialog for what in my head by the first commercial. In other words, predictible.
    Every story line is lackluster, boring and downright irritating. Characters keep doing things that are counter to who they are, all in the service of silly story lines. Rory’s entire personality (such that it was) has completely transformed, with very little motivation. Dumb and annoying, all of it.
    But like you, and though I came late to the Gilmore party (I’m still catching up on DVD, which makes it even harder to watch the newer, lamer episodes) I’m invested in these characters. I feel the exact same way about ER, which I also think is crawling on its last legs. After years spent with these shows, I can’t just turn them off. I’ve come this far and I have to see it through to the end.
    Right now I’m wishing that both programs would wrap it up and sign off with this season.

  3. Oh, and about Traveling Pants, I have that film on my Netflix queue. I actually read the book (highly recommended to me by a 14-year-old) and really liked it.

  4. When Richard came to the door at the end I said to myself, now that is what I have been waiting for the entire show–for someone to step up and be the adult and deal with the Rory situation. We did not need an entire show about lameness just to get to the one scene everyone wanted. I was worn out by the time they got there.
    And, my Lord in heaven, if they don’t get rid of Logan and SOON I will not be responsible for my actions!! I have said it once and I will say it again, the BETTER story-line would have been a short romance with Logan, where he ends up breaking her heart (cuz you know it’s coming) and Naked Guy steps in for the rescue!!! I love Naked Guy!!! He just has to be the love of Rory’s life!!!
    Lord, I need to write that show–I am living almost the exact same life: I’m a single mother with a lame-ass ex, my daughter just turned 21 and I know I could come up with a thousand better story ideas than “sending boxes”!!! My own mothers actions would make people cringe! Cringe, I tell you!!!

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