Movie Review: Separate Lies (2005)

Julian Fellows’ directorial debut came as a crushing disappointment. Not even the stellar acting talents of Emily Watson, Rupert Everett, and the always fantastic Tom Wilkinson could redeem it.

Marital infidelities and a hit-and-run accident crack open a wealthy lawyer’s seemingly perfect life to reveal the flaws in his marriage and his character. Despite my predisposition to like the film, it lost its hold on me as it progressed, and I found myself becoming more and more irritated with the characters. Eventually, the situation became ridiculous, the dialog laughable (literally, the audience laughed at it,) and the film as a whole unsatisfying.

I could go into specifics, but the less you know about Separate Lies ahead of time the better. It relies somewhat on the element of surprise and the slow revelation of details. I will warn you however–don’t let yourself get tricked into thinking Fellows is pulling a nod to Hitchcock. Something about the tone, the characters, the underlying current of foreboding, lead me down that (hopeful) path. I figured that was the hook that was going to propel this story somewhere but, alas, it didn’t. [**1/2 out of 5]


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