Arrested Development is Back!

Hey all you Arrested Development fans out there, clap your hands and cluck like a chicken because Arrested returns tonight with a one-hour episode! Though The Office is giving it a good run for its money in sheer laughs-per-minute, Arrested Development is currently the funniest, most original (and most under-appreciated) program on TV right now.

I suggest you record it for repeated viewings–it’s just that hilarious.

6 thoughts on “Arrested Development is Back!

  1. No way! While I love the original British version, the US version has definitely come into its own. This season has been really strong. Last week’s episode with the karate fight, the Halloween episode and the Office Olympics were stand out episodes.

  2. I loved the BBC Office, I do like the American Office too. I have only seen a handful of Arrested Development episodes, like the show, now with my new Tivo I’ll be catching a lot more of these shows. I was just not around to see them in the past.

  3. Congratulations on the new Tivo Bill. The digital video recorder is truly one of the greatest inventions of the last five years. You can catch the first two seasons of Arrested Dev on DVD, as well as the first season of the US Office. (TV episodes on DVD, right up there with the DVR!)

  4. A.D. got the ax today.
    CNN had this to say which I hope turns out to be wrong: “There is a possibility that the show will be shopped around, but its high cost is expected to be prohibitive for a cable network.”

  5. Enough about ER, let’s talk GOOD TV–yes, I heard the bad news re: AR yesterday. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my favorite station HBO will pick it up, but it doesn’t look so good. Thank goodness DVD will allow us to relive the good times with the Bluth family.

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