Nothing Like Shooting on Location in Chicago in the Friggin’ Cold

Was it just me, or didn’t Luca and Abby look extremely cold in the final scene of last night’s episode of ER? I mean painfully cold.

Sitting on a lakefront bench in the park just south of Navy Pier, overlooking the Coast Guard station, they looked extremely uncomfortable. I’m going to guess they shot that scene back in December, when we had that streak of bitter cold temps, with wind chill in the single digits. Bet they were wishing ER was set in Aruba.


3 thoughts on “Nothing Like Shooting on Location in Chicago in the Friggin’ Cold

  1. An email from a friend regarding last night’s ER posed a good question, so I’m throwing it out here.
    MM said: “I’m too impatient to wait till next week – what do you suppose is the Stunning Revelation having to dowith Neela and Gallant?”

  2. I’ll start with the utterly unoriginal…he wants a divorce?? No, he’s already married…to an Iraqi? No, no, he’s a woman??? No, wait…
    Eh, whatever it is, I’m sure it will be anticlimactic
    I have to say I was a tad bit ticked at NBC because their promos made it seem like this revelation was going to come in last night’s episode. This is the second time I can recall ER has used this bait-and-switch tactic.

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