Bring It On Mother Nature!

Yesterday, the high was 53 (53 people!!! In January!!!) and so far this month we’ve had zippo snow accumulation, so I find it a bit hard to believe the weather report that we’re due to get a heavy snowfall tonight, as much as ten inches! It’s going to be the wet, heavy kind of snow, but I’m not complaining. I’m thrilled!

Here’s what Tom Skilling said on the Chicago Trib’s website:

Incoming storm’s greatest snow risk: 6-10 hours Friday night

 Friday night’s fast moving storm presents forecasters
with real challenges while threatening January’s first significant
Chicago snowfall. Above-freezing temperatures as precipitation begins
late Friday afternoon are likely to promote rain initially. But, it’s a
situation likely to change quickly as the atmosphere cools. The area
may ultimately be subjected to as many as 10 hours of snowfall. Since
temperatures in the lower atmosphere will hover at or just above
freezing during the storm’s “snow phase”, a very wet breed of snowflake
is likely. Flakes such as this often adhere to others as they fall. The
combined flakes which result can grow quite large. Computer projected
storm “dynamics”–those aspects of the system which create lift and
cool moist air to produce clouds and precipitation– appear likely to
be strongest for nearly 6 hours–commencing near 6 p.m. and continuing
just past midnight (though flakes may continue falling until 3 or 4
a.m.). A series of computer precipitation projections averages 0.33″
over the city, enough to produce 2-4″ of snow.

One thought on “Bring It On Mother Nature!

  1. Actually, it was 54 yesterday and that was a record high for that date at O’Hare. Weird, weird weather. Can’t wait for the snow! 🙂

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