When the Voice Gets in the Way of the Story

Life’s too short to read a book you’re not enjoying.

I give you Exhibit A, Vernon God Little by DBC Pierre, a book I most definitely was not enjoying. It wasn’t the subject matter (the aftermath of a school shooting) that I didn’t care for, because I didn’t really get to that part of the story. The narrator, the shooter’s best friend and the town’s number one scape goat, tells his story in an utterly original voice, but it wasn’t enough for me to get through all the language, peppered with expletives, bodily functions and fluids.

I didn’t care for or about any of the characters and I figured 50 pages was more than fair for a book, especially when I have fifty-gizillion other books waiting in line to be read.

Moving on.

3 thoughts on “When the Voice Gets in the Way of the Story

  1. Sounds good to me, I mean, skipping it.
    Have you read (or do you plan to) Joan Didion’s “The year of magical thinking?”
    I just did. Quickly, skimming a lot. I know it’s a huge success but I found it difficult. And she uses commas in all the wrong places sometimes. And I’m not even a person who notices things like that. lol Just wondered what you thought.

  2. I recently read a collection of Joan Didion’s work (Slouching Toward Bethlehem) some of which I really liked, and based on the buzz her current book has received, it’s high on my list of things to read. Personally, I’m also interested to read her take on the grieving process. Your comments are interesting. I’ll be sure to post my review of the book, once I get around to it.

  3. I absolutely loved Vernon God Little. The narrator is a young boy so oviously the perspective must be that of a young boy, hence the expletives and bodily functions. But his obersvations on his surroundings are hilarious, even more so considering his age. I highly recommend this book.

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