Rehab Center Update

Where did the weekend go?

The home rehab center has settled into a routine and the patient is doing well, though coming along slower than she’d like to be, I’m sure. Karen tires out easily, but her appetite has returned and she’s curbed her enthusiasm for infomercials, both good signs.

Saturday, a friend came over for a visit, allowing Jen and I to run a few errands. After a quick run to the grocery store to resupply, we stopped by Al’s Deli to pick up their specialty, rare roast beef on seven grain bread, topped with delicious blue cheese dressing. Yum. Yum. Yum.

Karen’s mom arrived late Saturday afternoon, having driven up from Kentucky. (She saved us from watching a terrible old WWII-era comedy (Where Do We Go From Here?) starring Fred MacMurray in a singing role as a 4F-guy whom a genie time travels back to George Washington’s army. Yikes bad.) Great to have Jan up. She’ll be taking the day nurse duties while Jen and I are gone during the day, and once Karen moves home, she’ll stay with her there for a time.

The home nurse got our Sunday off to an early start with an 8 a.m. visit. More blood was drawn (Karen’s poor veins. She noted yesterday she’s beginning to look like a smack addict) and she advised that Karen start icing her leg to reduce the swelling caused by the surgery.

Last evening, the usual gang of friends/family assembled for dinner. Other than Karen’s inability to bustle about in the kitchen, it was just like old times. Afterward, we tuned into the Academy Awards halfway through the program, gabbing and making fun if like everyone else.


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