Wiki Wednesday

Karen has started a meme over on her blog, Verbatim, and since I’m a fan of the Wiki too, I’m playing along. We all like random bits of knowledge, right? So…

1. Go to Wikipedia.
2. Click on “Random article” in the left-hand sidebar box.
3. Post what you get.

Here’s mine for the day:

Tara Lyn Subkoff (born 1973) is an actress and fashion designer. She attended Otis Parsons for less than a year and then dropped out.

(Okay, this is one fast fact that will be fast forgotten.)

One thought on “Wiki Wednesday

  1. Hmmm…look what I got (I smell a rat at Wiki LOL)
    Wikiweise is a German language encyclopedia started by Ulrich Fuchs, administrator in the German Wikipedia, in April 2005.
    The articles are released under the GFDL and some are also dual-licensed under the Free Wiki-License, a new license by Ulrich Fuchs which demands a clearer naming of the authors of an article than GFDL but is otherwise comparable.
    The underlying Wiki software is Wikipresto, a proprietary software written by the founder of the site himself. A special feature is to convert articles to pdf (similar to wikipdf). Articles can be copied from Wikipedia using software tools.
    Important differences to the project include stricter criteria for inclusion. Wikiweise has a more restricted scope than the Wikipedia projects, e.g. for films, an Oscar is satisfactory. Editors have to be logged in and identify by their real name. The site uses Google ads to secure financial support.

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