Breaking News Two Blocks Away

Something’s going down in the neighborhood where I work. Every local news station has a truck camped out in front of a nearby condominium complex, all cameras pointed at the entrance like they’re waiting for a rock star or someone’s going to hold a press conference. There aren’t any emergency vehicles in sight.

No one around here knows what’s going on and a quick check on the internet comes up with nothing. The best guess so far is that one of the jurors thrown off the trial of former governor George Ryan lives there.

Update: (11:15 a.m.) Looks like the freed journalist hostage story has an Evanston connection:

The mother of American reporter Jill Carroll says she’s “thrilled” that her daughter is safe and free after nearly three months of captivity in Iraq.

Mary Beth Carroll sounded upbeat when reached at her home in the north suburb of Evanston.

She declined to say when or how she learned of her daughter’s release but said she would release a statement later today.


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