Review: Gideon’s Daughter (2005)

Bill Nighy and Miranda Richardson are wasted in this mediocre romantic drama set in Y2K.

I was hoping for another sweet surprise, a la The Girl in the Cafe (see my review here), but not even Bill Nighy’s formidable presence, teamed with the always excellent Miranda Richardson, could save this lame romantic dramedy from snoozeville.

Nighy portrays a PR guy for the rich and famous with a predictably lousy personal life, disturbed by the increasingly strained relationship with his grown daughter. He finds a kindred soul in a bohemian woman grieving for the death of her young son (Richardson) and they stumble into a tentative romance on the eve of Millennium Year’s eve.

The promising set-up of a romance between two older adults from different walks of life (he hob nobs with London’s elite, she works the night-shift in a convenience store) never pays off and the father-daughter relationship was just dull. [** out of 5]

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