Review: The Bride Walks Out (1936)

Barbara Stanwyck stars as a woman whose husband refuses to let her bring home the bacon, prefering to keep his pride and poverty in this hum-drum romantic comedy.

She’s a model pulling down a pretty good salary. He’s a reporter who can barely make ends meet, so after they’re married, it only makes sense that she give up her job and become a housewife right? Yeah, not much to hang a movie on. Especially when the “other man”, a handsome millionaire (Robert Young) steals all the charisma out of the room whenever he’s standing next to Stanwyck’s dullsville, pig-headed hubby. Lackluster writing all around. [** out of 5]

One thought on “Review: The Bride Walks Out (1936)

  1. What movie did you see?
    You claim the husband in “The Bride Walks Out” is a newspaper man, when a key point in the film is that he’s a college-trained engineer working as a surveyor.
    This movie has it all, comedy and romance.
    Raymond and Young really love Stanwyck, who really loves the former.
    Broderick really loves Sparks.
    As for comedy, it’s hilarious from the start, when Sparks wants a raise only so he can increase his divorce fund, to the end, when Young orders his chauffeur to start a fight with Raymond, and all he can think of is to say, “I don’t like your face,” which Raymond agrees with.
    The economics of their situation are always clear and realistic.
    Great wedding and post- scene. Every scene and every actor scores.

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