This weekend kicked off our Summer of the Margarita, the “official” cool, refreshing beverage of the 2006 warm weather season. Midway through our neighborhood yard sale this past weekend, (where my sister and I made a cool 100 bucks, thank you very much) we had a BBQ with neighbors on Saturday night and cracked open a new bottle of tequila to try out a recipe from Rick Bayless.

Last summer (and come to think of it the summer before that, and the summer before that) we kicked back on the weekends with tall, cool gin and tonics. Ready for a change, we’re back to margaritas, a favorite from years past. I’ve dusted off the glasses, purchased a fresh tin of salt, and started looking around for a recipe to beat the tried and true combination I hit upon ten years ago. (Always, always use fresh limes, and I prefer using Cointreau over Triple Sec or Grand Marnier, which the Bayless recipe called for.)

Over the past few summers, Karen and I have been on a quest to find the best salsa recipes. I was stunned to learn how easy it is to make great tasting salsa from scratch and the many ways you can change up the ingredients to keep it interesting. There is nothing like homemade salsa made from fresh ingredients and what better to go with it than a mouth-puckering margarita.

On a related note, Pam over at Beancounters reminded me of how weak and watery (not too mention over priced) restaurant margaritas usually are.

4 thoughts on “MmmmmMargarita!

  1. I’ll drive all the way from KY for one of those Margaritas–oh yeah–
    want to see the kids too–almost forget

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