Review: Delicious (1931)

It wasn’t just Janet Gaynor’s horrible Scottish accent that threw me off but the way her character acted like a 12-year-old simpleton. Makes you wonder what the handsome millionaire saw in her exactly.

A sweet-tempered Scottish immigrant, denied access to America, stows away in a crate transporting a millionaire’s horse, and ends up hiding out in his mansion. They fall in love, but not before she spends time in a Russian musical troupe while evading the Irish immigrant-hating cop intent on sending the lass back to her homeland.

I had a hard time not audibly groaning more than a few times during this film. I didn’t for a minute buy the relationship between the millionaire and the pixie, with Gaynor’s juvenile portrayal giving the romance a decidedly creepy tinge. And there’s more than enough “Yumpin’ Yiminy” humor for one film from El Brendel as the millionaire’s Swedish valet. Yikes, what yunk! [** out of 5]

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