Tourist in My Own Town, Day 2

The gang (Jesse, Abby, Kayla, Karen, Jan and I) met Nancy and her two young girls at Cereality for “brunch.” The adults stood by as the kids ingested massive quantities of sugar and artificial colors. My teeth hurt just watching.

Kayla and Jan headed off to the Art Institute while the rest of us took a short El ride south to the Shedd Aquarium where we waited over an hour (in the rain!) to get inside. We were there specifically to see the komodo dragon. The entire lizard exhibit was very cool and we all agreed, very worth the soggy wait. After a quick spin through the aquarium, stopping at the beluga whales and the penguin exhibit, where some of the birds looked to be sitting on rocky nests, we watched the dolphin show from under water.

The rain tapered off as we walked north along Michigan Avenue. We stopped briefly at the Chicago Architecture Foundation, where I renewed my membership. We tempted the teens to keep walking (“We’re from Minnesota. We’re not used to all this walking like you city folk!”) with the promise of hot chocolate from Moonstruck.

Dinner was at Indie Cafe on Broadway–a sushi feast in honor of our visit to the Shedd. As always, everything was absolutely delicious.


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