Please Use All Available Doors…

…when exiting the wall.


It’s days like this that I absolutely love home ownership.


The hole on the right is where the sounds were coming from late last night. Where the bird is now, God only knows.

There was a sparrow at the feeder this evening that was quite ruffled and dopey looking. He didn’t flee the scene when I walked by like the rest of the birds did, but just sat there looking around. I’m choosing to believe he was the one trapped in the wall and that he somehow managed to find his own way out. He hung around for a while and ate quite a bit of seed before he flew off.


4 thoughts on “Please Use All Available Doors…

  1. EEK. what a silly mess. poor bird. poor wall. poor, kind-hearted you.
    but I have to say that it seems like you’re taking it all in stride. and I’m getting a chuckle out of it. is that bad of me?

  2. Oh dear! Your poor walls. Perhaps you could get one of those “smoke guns” (I don’t know the actual name of them) that let you search for leaks. I’ve seen them on This Old House. While the holes are in the walls you can fill them with smoke and have someone on the outside of the house checking for exit points. You might find that they are coming in through a hole instead of the vents.

  3. Or, you could take up smoking, and blow smoke rings into the wall, and see where they float out. I bet Jan could get you a deal on some Kentucky tobacco!
    At least you don’t have snakes in your wall. That happened to us one family trip in MN–there was an actual snake crawling around in the wall of the cabin we were staying at. Very disturbing.

  4. You go to a lot of expense cutting holes. Down here, they riddle the wall with bullets and cover up the holes later with bad art.
    Learns dem birds a lesson not to mess with you too.

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