Review: Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous (2005)

Granted, I came into this movie twenty minutes after it started, but I really don’t think I missed much in the way of sophisticated set-up.

Absolutely ridiculous. All of it. The plot, the “comedic” situations, and the dialog that comes out of characters’ mouths. (Sandra Bullock’s character actually says, “Like our friend Gucci said, ‘It’s in the bag.'” and “Like Dolce & Gabana said, ‘Never do something without style.'” Groan.) This lame excuse for entertainment tries unsuccessfully to be a female Lethal Weapon with the Odd Couple-like pairing of Sandra Bullock and Regina King as FBI agents bungling their way through a kidnapping investigation.

Time and again this dynamic duo concocts the most unnecessarily complicated plans, often involving crazy disguises, when it would make much more sense to simply flash their badges and fire off questions. Dressing in Victor/Victoria style drag (she’s a he who’s a she) and lip syncing on stage to “Proud Mary” is so much more effective, not to mention riotously funny, no? And you just have to see Bullock impersonate a wheelchair-bound Jewish senior citizen to infiltrate a nursing home. Puh-leeze.

Characters are constantly doing stuff like this, going from point-A to point-B by way of point Z. Neither funny nor clever, it all adds up to a rather lame premise that’s padded like a bad fat suit disguise to fill up a feature length running time. [* out of 5]


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