30 Sunk Like a Rock

Tina Fey and company laid more than a few eggs during last night’s premiere of the much anticipated (by me anyway) 30 Rock. Yeouch, there was a lot not to laugh at: It’s centered around something called The Girlie Show? Fey’s character gets drunk in a strip club and then gets behind the wheel of a Hummer? Rachel Dratch is only a bit player?

I don’t know. <<Shakes head.>> I didn’t laugh out loud once but I’ll give it a few more tries. Sometimes, good sitcoms take time to hit their stride.


3 thoughts on “30 Sunk Like a Rock

  1. I’d be interested in your take on “The Nine” (that is, if you are watching) I really like that show but don’t hold out hopes for them keeping my interest after season one – I mean, how long are these people going to be traumatized by a bank robbery? And as you know, the general public has an attention span of a gnat, so the shows premise that the people of LA give a flying fig about these hostages after two days is a tad unrealistic. But for now, I’m enjoying it.
    BTW: LOST is trying my patience, but I know you must have heard me when I screamed for joy when Sawyer just walked up to Kate and kissed her. I know the SKATE shippers at ABC.com are having field day!! 🙂

  2. I heard some buzz about The Nine, but it wasn’t on my radar in time to catch it. I hate to jump in now. Plus, I’m a bit leery to add another hour-long downer drama to my schedule. ER’s about all I can handle right now and 60 Rock is light enough not to drag me down.
    Ugly Betty is another that I missed. With everything that’s going on, slotting in new TV shows is proving too tricky. I might try and jump in on this one though, given what I’ve heard about it.
    And I gave up on Lost last year and never looked back.

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