Kitchen Update

The Island Is In!

The island is in!

Another major step forward on the kitchen renovation happened yesterday when the island was installed. (Click the link above to see new photos of the project.) Now, if we could just get some countertops, we’d be in business!

8 thoughts on “Kitchen Update

  1. What do you think of the pot lights? My kitchen has that light cabinetry too, and we’re thinking of plastering over the ugly fluorescent light box and having your style of lights installed. Are they bright enough to work by?

  2. Personally, I always found it convenient to be able to put things away in the drawers and not even have to pull them out! Counter tops take away a measure of that convenience. The sheet of cardboard is an elegant, if rustic, touch.

  3. Pam: So far (meaning we’re not cooking in the kitchen yet) I love the recessed lights. While we’re putting 4″ lights in the rest of the space, in the kitchen we went with 5″ to provide more light for working. You could go with the standard 6″ too.
    The lights will be on dimmers and we’re adding undercabinet task lighting as well. I hated hated hated the fluorescent light fixture–harsh light everywhere. The recessed is a much warmer look, especially with the wood. Having the can lights over the counters and island will be a major improvement over the flood of light we had in there before.
    Mnelson: Yeah, we’re pretty proud of the easy-access cardboard top. A friend of ours made that for us. He’s quite proud and plans to patent it ASAP. I’m waiting for one of the cats to jump up there and drop right through.

  4. Your kitchen looks gorgeous!!!! I’m very happy for you both 🙂 Can’t wait to see your spiffy countertop. If I remember correctly, you picked out something very unique. Should look awesome 🙂

  5. I know I asked before, but have you decided on paint. As I was looking at the above photo, I thought it looked like you chose a pale yellow, but upon closer inspection it looks like it’s the way the light reflected off the walls. If my opinion counts (and I know it doesn’t) 😉 a pale yellow (one that is more beige-like) would look gorgeous.
    I love the kitchen. Can’t wait to see the countertops.

  6. Actually, nothing has been painted yet. That will come last, after all holes have been punched in the ceilings and walls and the tile has gone up on the fireplace wall. The original plan called for a sage green or a blue/green but until we get the lights up in the rest of the first floor, it’s hard to tell what will look good.

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