Slammed With Snow and Lovin’ It

I love the extremes in weather we get here in Chicago. In the summer, when it’s sweltering and a wall of liquid heat hits you as you walk outside, it’s hard to believe it could ever get so cold that you can feel your face freeze (the only thing exposed to the elements after you bundle up to the max) in a mere two-point-five seconds after stepping outside.

Even more surreal is when the extremes happen in the span of just a few days. We started this week in the 60s. I walked to work without a jacket and saw people wearing shorts and driving around with the top down. Today, we’re sitting under almost a foot of snow and the current wind chill is 18. Sunday’s high is predicted to be 15-degrees, with a low of 1. That’s the temp folks, not the wind chill.

And I love it. We’ve got us a a winter wonderland out there. The snow is sticking to the trees and it’s gorgeous. This is how the prelude leading up to the holidays is supposed to be. That warm, freaky spring we had last week was nice, but in it’s own time. This California girl wants her share of snow this season. So, bring it on!


4 thoughts on “Slammed With Snow and Lovin’ It

  1. LOL You sound like me. No snow here yet and how is that possible since I’m farther north than you? Weird weather this year.
    Make some snow angels and take a pic for us 🙂

  2. Teresa–I haven’t seen IT yet, though I blame global warming everytime we get strange weather, like thunderstorms in November.
    Carrie–I took a walk yesterday with my camera. Snow pictures coming soon.

  3. We spent Thanksgiving weekend in Frankfort MI, near Traverse City, and drove over to Glen Arbor on Friday when it was quite balmy. Saw folks in shorts and t-shirts and knew they were from Chicago.

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