Saturday 3 p.m.

I’m cheating a bit on this week’s photo. This isn’t the actual 3pm Saturday photo, but is for illustrative purposes only. I was driving at 3, and couldn’t snap a picture.

This past Saturday afternoon, I spent two hours driving to a housewarming in the (far far) western burbs. Many cars on the highway, especially big vans and SUVs, had a thick layer of snow on their roofs–not an uncommon sight days after a big snow.

Whipping down Lake Shore Drive and then on the Eisenhower expressway, on three different occasions, we saw the square of snow lift off a fast-moving car, rise a good ten-twelve feet in the air, flip end over end and corner over corner, keeping its shape as it spun through the air, until it shattered on the asphalt like a small bomb.


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