3 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Over on the Beachwood Reporter

  1. I always find movies with Lucille Ball not as Lucy Ricardo a little bit weird. I have a difficult time remembering who she is supposed to be.
    That being said, this movie sounds like fun. I need to see Rhoda’s mother young. I just can’t imagine it on my own.

  2. Great writing! Fun review! Nice to know that a middle aged woman (about 30?) could cause such a fuss back then.
    Congratulations–someday you’ll replace Ebert.

  3. I just watched “Lured,” a film noir with Ball playing a young taxi dancer in Britain, subsequently hired by Scotland Yard to help them investigate a series of murders. She’s quite good in the movie, but every so often she makes a face or wisecrack that makes you think Fred and Ethel will come bursting thru the door.

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