Saturday 3 p.m.


This is Scooter’s latest absolute favorite place to sit. The router boxes generate a nice source of heat, just perfect for his fuzzy butt. Whenever he goes missing, we know the first place to look for him is in the basement, on the desk, in the corner, perched on top of two router boxes. The funniest part is when he starts to nod off, and his head droops down, and then it snaps back up to attention when he starts to slide off. He hasn’t figured out that he could drape himself across the boxes to keep warm and nap at the same time. But that wouldn’t keep his bum warm.


4 thoughts on “Saturday 3 p.m.

  1. Too funny. We had a cat that used to sit on our answering machine to keep warm. But sometimes she’d hit the record button with her paw or butt and there’d be these long lapses of cat snoring and/or grooming sounds. I’d forgotten all about that until I saw this photo.

  2. Stewart used to sit on a table next to the couch with his head up inside the lamp shade, facing the lamp (when the lamp was on). He sat with his chin raised a bit and his eyes closed – picture a woman sitting in front of a sun lamp evening out her tan. At times, he might make very subtle chrrrp noises that we assumed were sighs of 60 watt bliss. mad

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