Review: Veronica Mars-Season 1 (2004)

Having exhausted The Gilmore Girls on DVD (and thrown the towel in on the whole show in general) I’ve moved on to Neptune High to follow the wildly unbelievable and thoroughly entertaining exploits of Veronica Mars, girl detective. This show is as smart, clever and original as Veronica herself. And as an added bonus, it’s shot in my hometown of San Diego (sometimes minutes from my family home) so watching each episode is a treasure hunt of very familiar surprises. [**** out of 5]

One thought on “Review: Veronica Mars-Season 1 (2004)

  1. My little brother discovered this show on repeats this summer and LOVED it. Now he and his hubby own every season available on DVD. He’s been all over me to get it. You’re now the second person to rave about it so I guess I better check it out 🙂
    I’m with you on Gilmore Girls finally. I was hanging in, hoping it would get better, but this year, it’s driving me crazy. Ugh!!!

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