Teaching an Old Cat New Tricks

Last week we had our handyman Mike install a couple of cat doors–one leading down to the basement and the other in the door to the utility room, where we keep the litter box. This way, we can (finally) close the doors; a simple, yet marked aesthetic improvement.

Now comes the task of training the cats to jump through their hoops. This was Scooter’s first attempt at it on his own, without any prompting from us. For about five minutes after this he went back and forth through the door. He’d march around the living room or stand in the stairway to the basement, meowing and meowing as if to comment on his progress. (“Hey look at me! I’m in the stairway! Now I’m in the living room! I’m back in the stairway! Where is everybody? Look at me go through this door! And why aren’t there treats waiting for me each and every time!”)

Maisy was the first to try the door but she’s not so sure about the flap. We were out all weekend, so the doors were left open to ensure no accidents. More training will commence tonight.


2 thoughts on “Teaching an Old Cat New Tricks

  1. Laughing cuz my SIL took an easier path and simply cut a round hole (about the size of a dessert plate) in the basement door. No flap. And when kitty wants to spy he sits on the top step just beyond the hole so he can observe without being seen (he thinks). m

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