The Office: See What You’re Missing

Yes, sir, that was another mighty fine episode of The Office last night. (“Congratulations universe, you win.”) I spent my lunch watching the “producers cut” of yesterday’s installment, “The Return,” and it’s definitely worth checking out. As a matter of course, I tend to watch each episode of The Office two and sometimes three times. It turns out that my DVR records this particular show for a slew of people and when they’re over to watch it, I invariably sit down and watch all over again too. Funny every — single — time.

Anyway, if you don’t know about the outtakes and deleted scenes that are posted each week on The Office website, you’re missing half the fun. Occasionally, they’ll post an entire episode with the deleted scenes built right in, as they did for “The Return.” (It’s addition by addition!) Deleted scenes on DVDs (which I’ve stopped watching altogether because, well, they’re deleted for a reason people! It’s addition by subtraction!) are lame, unlike the extra Office scenes which are universally high-larious and often quite illuminating. Check them out and you’ll see what I mean. Highlights from “The Return” include a bit involving Michael’s convertible in the snow and a terrific heart-to-heart talk between Pam and Angela.

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