Review: In Her Shoes (2005)

This story of two estranged sisters (wildly different in every way, save for the last man they both slept with) who come together again with the help of a previously unknown relative is too downbeat to be any fun as a chick flick. Neither is it deep enough to leave you with anything to think about after it’s over.

Collette, as the dependable career girl at a crossroads, is wonderful as usual. Diaz, as the party girl, does what she does best, looking cute in a variety of skimpy outfits. Shirley MacLaine is pretty much Shirley MacLaine and doesn’t have too much interesting to do. Disappointing work from director Curtis Hanson though it did fit the bill, helping me kill a couple of hours while I knit a scarf. [*** out of 5


2 thoughts on “Review: In Her Shoes (2005)

  1. I don’t understand. It sounds like you really did not care for this movie and yet you give it 3 stars. If I were to guess your star rating after reading the review I would have guess 2 stars at the most.

  2. Yeah, I thought of that as I was writing it. I enjoyed Toni Colette’s performance enough to warrent 3-stars, but as time went on the overall effect of the film diminished.

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