Backyard Birdcam

This post is for all my bird nerd friends who wished they had a bird cam in their backyard. My blog buddy Kristy over on Boblog has her very own nesting box tricked out with a camera and a mic. Way cool.

It reminded me that soon it will be time to check the Falcon Cam on a daily (and hourly) basis! As of yet, it’s empty.


3 thoughts on “Backyard Birdcam

  1. There are falcons living on top of the Cathedral of Learning at U. Pitt, 40th floor. Last night on the news they showed security cam pics of two males fighting over a female at the nest.
    Last fall one of my classes met in the 40th floor room and the falcon was sitting on the windowsill watching us. Someone took a picture of him with flash. The bird sat there for at least a minute scolding her loudly, then flew away. Funny business. I got a picture without flash.

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