New-ish Burger Joint in Chicago

There’s a new quick eatin’ kind of restaurant in Chicago’s Loop called Patty Burger. While I’m not crazy about their marketing (it’s cute and kitschy, but a bit too cute and kitchsy if you know what I mean) I did really enjoy their product–a great burger, plain and simple. I must not have been paying much attention the past fifteen times I’ve walked down E. Adams Street since Patty Burger opened in October, because last Wednesday was the first time I noticed it. On my way to an after work concert at the CSO, I had about twenty minutes to grab some dinner and this bright, cherry burger joint fit the bill.

Dressed up like a retro-diner, the menu is fairly simple–burgers made fresh right there and done your way, with toppings that include avocado and three different kinds of cheese. It was fast and relatively inexpensive. I had a single burger, fries (which were thin and crispy, just the way I like them) and a soda for about eight bucks. Best of all, the burger tasted like a real burger. 100% Angus beef, lettuce that crunched, a tasty bun. It was all good. They even have a veggie burger, which I might be tempted to try.

It’s nice to have a fresher alternative to the usual downtown fast food. As much as I’d like to incorporate a fine dining experience into my evenings of culture, sometimes it’s all I can manage to race down on the el and wolf down a lousy (and overpriced) Corner Bakery sandwich before the show. Glad Patty’s in town.


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